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We offer a range of high-quality backup lights for diving in any environment. From tight to wide beam, standard body to mini, high intensity to long run-time, we have a backup torch to suit any type of diving. Based on contemporary and reliable LED technology for technical divers, our staff choice (based on quality, durability, reliability, output, burn-time and after-service) for backup torches are from Halcyon and Light-For-Me. If you need any advice call us any day on +44(0)1305 824 555 or use our online form to contact us. We are open every day.

Back-up Lights


Halcyon HP LED Scout Light + FREE Bolt Snap

Halcyon HP LED Scout Light with free 1/2 inch SS bolt snap. Halcyon’s Scout lights redefined industry perception and continue to offer amazing value with solid construction, well-designed components, and ongoing enhancements. The Scout light is machined from a solid piece of delrin with stainless steel internal components; the exterior is shaped into a unique pattern for easy gripping. Meanwhile the bulb cover is manufactured from Lexan—the same material used for bullet-proof glass.

Standard or Mini Body

Light For Me - 4XPG Primary Light

A powerful primary hand held torch from Light For Me which provides 1600 lumen output with 4 XPG LED units and can also double up as an emergency backuo. Just add the recommended batteries and you're set to go.

You can see all LFM primary torches on our main Light for Me Pages


Light For Me - XML Light

Ideal for backup, travel or even to use as a primary for recreational dives. Perfect for harness storage under stage bottles and out of the way. With an 1200 lumen, Light For Me XML underwater torch that can be handheld, chest mounted or simply mounted on the back of one hand throws out 6500 kelvin of a very strong, narrow and cold light.

Standard or Mini Body

Agir Brokk - Arthur 2W Mini LED Backup Torch

Agir Brokk's Arthur mini LED backup torch is less than 15cm long and boasts a 2 Watt LED with a 13 degree beam angle. Providing divers with up to 6 hours of burn time on 2 x CR123 Lithium cells, this torch is depth rated to 150 metres.

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Light For Me - 2XML Hand Light

2 x XML totalling to 2400 lumens of cool white and powerful light on your hand. The Light For Me 2XML produces a very strong, narrow and focused beam, comes attached to a "goodman handle" worn on a hand. The lights can also be separated from the handle for trips or two separate XML torches are needed.


Light For Me - 3XPG Light

As an alternative to the tighter beam range of Light For Me torches, this 3XPG torch is ideal for clear water diving and where a wider beam is required. This 1000 lumen strong and wide beam allows for the torch to be used in a variety of conditions though tighter beam alternatives are generally favored among technical divers and divers who frequently dive poor visibility conditions.

Standard or Mini Body

Light for Me - TEC Light

330 lumen, narrow beam, cold white light, almost 10 hours burntime: The Light For Me TEC dive torch with 1 LED is a robust and affordable hand-held torch with hours and hours of burntime on 3 C-cell batteries (mini option using 18650 batteries available). It can be used for recreational diving as a primary torch where divers want to avoid the backscatter or wider beam light systems as well as for technical diving as a backup.

Standard or Mini Body

OrcaTorch D520 1000 Lumen

Orcatorch D520 is a palm-sized diving light with a mechanical rotary switch. The rotary switch offers high reliability underwater. Using a neutral white LED, its max output can reach 1000 lumens while the 5000K LED color temperature provides great color rendition. Powered by one 18650 rechargeable battery (included with charger), its max runtime can reach 2 hours. Its robust water pressure resistant construction, high portability and easy operation makes the D520 a good choice both for recreational and technical diving.


OrcaTorch D550 970 Lumen

ORCATORCH D550 is a small and light weight tail-magnetic-switch diving light. It is equipped with a totally sealed magnetic controlled tail switch which offers high waterproofness and easy operation underwater. Using the latest USA CREE XM-L2(U4) LED, with a maximum of 970 lumen output and over 5 hours 45 minutes runtime, this portable diving torch offers high and low modes for different diving conditions as well as an additional strobe mode for emergencies.


OrcaTorch D810 950 Lumen

ORCATORCH D810 is a dive light with high output, high reliability, and high portbility. It can reach as high as 950 lumens output with one simple CREE XM-L2(U2) LED and has a maximum burntime of 3 hours. The head mechanical rotary switch offers high reliability underwater. The light is light weight and small size powered by one 26650 battery with 150m depth rating. It is the same length as the lower profile Orcatorch D550 which is operated by a magnetic switch on the back, but with a wider grip and bezel.


SL4 Sunlight eLED L1 UV Light

The SL4 eLED is now available with Ultra Violet Bulbs. These lights create a strong fluorescent reaction in many marine animals and will amaze by seeing new colors not normally revealed in the beam of your old tag along dive light.


Tovatec Fusion 1000 Torch

Three torches in one, light with adjustable beam + emergency strobe

A good hand-held primary. Tovatec Fusion 1000 provides an amazing amount of light from such a compact torch. With an adjustable beam between a tight 12° to a wide 100°, the Fusion 1000 has three power settings and a strobe mode (useful for surface signalling to land or boat). The torch, with aircraft grade aluminium which feels great in the hand, also has an over pressure relief valve, a magnetic on-off switch and comes not only with its own rechargeable battery and charger)but also a battery cradle for optional 3x AA batteries to power it up. The Fusion 1000 is perfect for all types of diving conditions and has a depth rating of 100 metres, a burn time in excess of 3 hours with supplied battery.


Tovatec Fusion 260 Torch

The Tovatec Fusion 260 is a small light with all the big light features, including 3 power level settings (100% / 50%/ 30%) + strobe, an adjustable beam angle of 12˚ to 100˚ with a slide zoom head, a pressure release valve, compatible with two different types of battery and depth rated to 100m. With up to 3.5 hours burn time and a colour temperature of 5700-6900 Kelvin, this compact light can be used as primary or backup in any conditions. At 260 Lumen, it's the smallest sibling of the Tovatec Fusion family we have on offer.


Tovatec Fusion 530 Torch

Three in one: Variable beam torch, video light and signalling strobe - 3 power settings.

A smaller version of the Fusion 1000, the Tovatec Fusion 530 provides an amazing amount of light for any dive whether you are diving on a wreck, in a cave or just drifting along a reef. Put the light in video mode by simply sliding your lens to 100° beam angle or focus it into a tight beam to deal with backscatter in poor visibility. With a 12-100° Zoom Beam Angle, 530 lumen output, 5600-6600K colour temperature and 100 metre depth rating. This torch is compatible with two different types of batteries and feels really good with its special aircraft grade aluminium body. Comes with 1x18650 rechargeable battery, charger and USB cable, battery tray for optional 3xAA batteries.


Agir Brokk - Arthur LED Backup Torch

The Arthur LED backup torch from Agir Brokk is ideal for technical divers with a tight beam and minimum spill of light, boasting a burn time of up to 30 hours on 3 C/R14 battery cells. 108 Lumen power is complemented by 150 metre depth rating.

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SL3 eLED L2 Light

The SL3 eLED® L2 light features high intensity illumination 425 Lumens and extensive burn time in a compact design with a price to match its small size.


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