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The most popular argon cylinder regulators from Apeks, Halcyon and Scubapro.

Suit Inflation Regulators


Suit Inflation 1st Stage Regulator (with OPV)

Compact suit inflation first stage with over-pressure relief valve. Regulator has one LP port for inflator hose and is for suit inflation only.


Apeks Over Pressure Relief Valve

Apeks Over Pressure Relief Valve for Drysuit Inflation System.


IST Over Pressure Relief Valve

Adjustable 1st stage over pressure valve. Pressure releases from 11.7 bar up.


Apeks DS4 First Stage Regulator

The Apeks DS4 First Stage is a work horse with years of tested and proven experience now preferred by the most demanding technical divers. Ideal for twinset configuration.

save 22%

Apeks US4 First Stage Regulator

The Apeks US4 first stage regulator is a compact unsealed First Stage with 4 x 3/8 medium pressure ports and 1 x high pressure port. Popularly used with air on optional suit inflation bottles as an alternative suit inflation method.


Halcyon H-50D First Stage Regulator

The Halcyon H-50D 1st Stage Regulator is a high performance diaphragm design that is fully sealed and purpose built for harsh conditions like ice or environmentally contaminated environments.

Diaphragm first stages are historically popular with cold water divers and the H-50D was engineered for extreme conditions.


Scubapro MK11 First Stage Regulator

Scubapro MK11 First Stage is a perfect choice for a traveling diver who requires a light weight first stage. Machined marine grade chrome plated brass body. Four 3/8 UNF low pressure ports and two high pressure ports.

save 10%

Scubapro MK17 EVO First Stage Regulator

The Scubapro MK17 EVO is Scubapro's premium high performance balanced diaphragm first stage. Engineered specifically for cold water and harsh environments, its internal components are completely sealed off from the elements so neither water nor pollution can get inside the chrome-plated marine grade brass body to foul the mechanism.

save 10%

Scubapro MK2 EVO First Stage Regulator

The Scubapro MK2 EVO First Stage Regulator is a totally evolved classic downstream piston first stage, now more of a workhorse than ever. With increased breathing sensitivity and better airflow, freezing resistance is dramatically increased. 50% increase in freezing resistance, 15% increase in airflow and even a smaller body than the famous original MK2.


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