Apeks Wetnotes

Apeks Wetnotes
Apeks wetnotes Apeks wetnotes Apeks wetnotes Apeks wetnotes

Apeks waterproof Wetnotes with runtime slates, graphite pencil and double ender. Double sided slates attached to the notes (removable) and independent slate to be used in transparent sleeve. OUT OF STOCK DUE TO MANUFACTURING DELAY.

SKU TH117124

The Apeks Wetnotes are the perfect place to store your dive plans, make a note of your deco schedule or simply write your packing checklist.

Apeks Wetnotes

Apeks WetnotesSmall enough to fit in a pocket, waterproof and manufactured from super-tough ballistic nylon, the Wetnotes from Apeks are an essential part of any serious diver’s kit.

With reusable and replaceable pages, a double-ended bolt snap, a solid graphite pencil and transparent pockets for storing a compass or cutting device, this product is an affordable and useful accessory.

  • Durable balistic nylon
  • 23 reusable and replaceble waterproof pages
  • 3 blank deco/gas/runtime tables
  • Grahphite pencil
  • 4 pencil holder slots
  • 2 transparent pockets for deco tables, compass or cutting devices
  • Supplied with 316 SS double ended bolt snap
  • Bungee cord closure loop
  • Elastic book Mark
  • Bungee cord attachment loop
  • Embroidered Apeks logo




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