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Popular Analox oxygen and trimix analysers are tried and tested. Long life with minimal running costs, Analox analysers ensure nitrox, trimix and air divers are safe throughout the world.


Analox O2EII Pro Oxygen Analyser

Since its launch the Analox O2EII Pro Oxygen Analyzer has been the preferred choice of nitrox analyzer for scuba divers. With the optional Peli Box (Peli Case) which comes with foam inserts, you can protect your analyser and get more out of it.

Add Peli Case

Analox ATA Helium Sensor

Replacement Helium sensor for the Analox Ata Pro Trimix Analyser.


Analox ATA O2 Sensor

Replacement Oxygen sensor for the Analox ATA Pro Trimix Analyser.


Analox O2EII Analyser Pelicase

Analox O2EII Analyser Pelicase: The Analox Pelibox with foam padding allows you to take your Analox O2EII Pro Oxygen analyser everywhere with minimum risk and fuss.


Analox O2EII Replacement Sensor

Replacement Oxygen sensor for the Analox O2EII Oxygen Analyser.


Analox O2EII Sensor Saver

Analox Sensor Saver is a push in cap which helps reduce the sensors exposure to oxygen and extend its life.


Analox Dome Adapter

Replacement Analox Dome Adapter for Analox O2EII and EII CO analysers.


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