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Agir Brokk

Agir Brokk
The Swedish manufacturer of high quality dive gear. Equipment ranges from basic outfit to rigs for mixed gas diving. All products are designed by divers and tested thoroughly in our northern waters. Manufacturers website www.agir-brokk.com


Agir-Brokk Stage Cylinder SPG

Complete O2 clean Agir Brokk Stage SPG with 6" hose. Self illuminated dial.


Agir Brokk P-Valve

Agir Brokk P-Vlave is a low profile balanced convenience valve. Kit contains complete valve with hose, catheter nozzle and pin spanner.

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Agir-Brokk 6mm s/s Backplate

Agir-Brokk 6mm s/s Backplate is twice the tickness of standard stainless steel backplate. Weight 5.1kg without a harness.

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Agir-Brokk Sidemount SPG

Slimline pressure gauge with rubber protector ideal for sidemount diving or stage bottles. Self illuminated background with the small striking rubber protector ending before the swivel. O2 clean gauge with 150mm (6") hose.


Agir-Brokk Compact Sidehandle Reel - 60m

The new Agir-Brokk Compact 60m Sidehandle Reel is made from delrin. Agir-Brokk's high quality low profile sidehandle reel boasts 60m of line. The lock screw can be placed on either side of the easy grip handle. It is a compact version of the 130m Agir-Brokk large Sidehandle reel (Reel line length is 60 meters.)


Agir-Brokk Sidehandle Reel - 130m

Agir-Brokk 130m Sidehandle Reel is made from Delrin. Lock screw can be placed on either side of the handle. Line length 130 meters.


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