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Bestdivers Torch Holder

A useful neoprene torch holder for a small light leaves your hand free. 


Butterfly Connector

Butterfly connector clamp lets you connect all kinds of video lighting sections together like arms, lights etc, very easy to tighten up and loose during the dive.


E/O Blind Plug

The E/O Blind Plug protects the unconnected E/O cord from dirt, corrosion and damage. Ideal for those with heated vests or spare canisters. E/O cords are delicate and any contaminants such as grit or sand inside the connector will not allow a connection to be made and could irreversibly damage the cord end.


E/O Y Connector

E/O Y connector allows user to link two e/o devices to single source. Ideal for one battery owners who need to split power frome one source to two separate devices.


Halcyon Focus / Flare Exploration Goodman Handle

Attaches directly onto Focus or Flare body to replace standard adjustable handle. Includes aluminum handle, plate, thumb loop, and attached backup knife.


Halcyon Focus / Flare Standard Goodman Handle

Traditional Goodman Handle attaches directly onto Focus or Flare body to replace stock adjustable handle.


Halcyon Replacement Battery - EOS, Flare, Focus

Replacement battery 2.6Ah and 5.2Ah for Halcyon EOS Mini, Focus, Flare and Focus 2.0.

Battery Size

Halcyon Torch Belt Loop

Replacement Halcyon light canister webbing belt loop


Light For Me - Battery Charger

Replacement charger for Light For Me battery packs.

Charger For

Light For Me - Heating System Controller

Manufacturing delay - Delivery date unknown.

This Heating System Controller is dedicated to work with Light For Me Li-Ion 14.4V battery packs. It adjusts the voltage from 14.4V to 12V allowing a safe connection to various heating systems that require 12V.


Light For Me - RCA E/O Cable

Turn your Light For Me battery RCA into an E/O version with the Light For Me RCA EO cable by simply connecting the cable to the RCA Port. Works with LFM Detachable Canisters.


Light For Me Canister Cap

The Light For Me Canister Cap with all LFM Accus with RCA cables. Ideal for protecting your canister when traveling or when the torch head is not in use.


Light For Me Clamp with Ball Joint

Replacement clamp for Light For Me video lights. Made from anodised aluminum and delrin. Standard 1 inch ball that fits Light For Me butterfly connectors.


Nylon Buckle

A Nylon Buckle is ideal for keeping canister torch in its place securely, or as a replacement buckle for your weight belt.


Video Arm

Light For Me video arms for light systems. Allows increased distance of lights from camera and better shots with less backscatter. Butterfly connectors required not included. Arms are available in 8cm, 10cm, 20cm and 50cm.


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