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HP Swivel Bar - Straight
Swivel Pin for SPG to High Pressure hose connection. Includes pin and two o-rings.
SPG Swivel Bar
A nice little addition to your save-a-dive kit! Carry an extra swivel bar for your SPG!
6" High Pressure Hose
6"/15cm HP hose for stage SPG.
High Pressure SPG Hose
High Pressure SPG Hose. Available in 3 lengths: 24" (60cm); 26" (65cm); 32" (80cm)
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Dive Team Mini SPG
50mm 400bar SPG in brass housing. Unit comes without hose or SPG swivel pin.
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OMS 52mm SPG
Compact and clear SPG with swivel pin from OMS with tempered glass. Diameter 52mm. 360 bar. Hose not included.
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OMS 63mm SPG
Clear 360bar main SPG with a tempered glass. No HP hose. Swivel pin included.
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400 bar small SPG with swivel pin. Ideal for stage cylinders. Diameter 50mm. Hose not included.
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Agir-Brokk 300bar SPG
Brass body pressure gauge with tempered glass. O2 clean. Ideal as a main SPG. Diameter 60mm. Thickness 25mm. Available without or with HP hose.
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DIR Zone 300bar SPG
Easy to read large diameter 63mm main pressure gauge.
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DIR Zone Oxygen SPG
O2 clean chrome plated brass gauge with mineral glass face and polished finish.
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Dive Team Tech SPG - White
63mm SPG in brass housing, 450 bar. Unit comes without hose or SPG swivel pin.
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Apeks Button Gauge
Apeks 23 mm small pressure gauge 350 Bar
Dive Team Tech SPG - Black
63mm /300 bar SPG in brass housing. Unit comes without hose or SPG swivel pin.
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Dive Team Tech SPG - Black 52mm
52mm /300 bar SPG in brass housing. Unit comes without hose or SPG swivel pin.
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Cylinder Pressure Tester
A 400 bar testing gauge with release valve for tank pressure.
Halcyon Stage SPG
Smaller than the Standard Halcyon SPG. Light weight helps balance stage/deco bottles. Nickel-plated brass with acrylic lens. 0-400 Bar. (Gauges are in Bar although image show it in PSI)
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Tusa Mini Pressure Gauge
A simple residual pressure gauge ideal for divers using a wrist-type dive computer and compass. Comes with a standard 32" HP hose and boot.
Scubapro Compact SPG
The compact pressure gauge is a streamlined and versatile console. Enabling the diver to quickly read air consumption. Comes with 32" HP hose and boot.
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Halcyon Standard SPG
The weight and size of Halcyon Standard SPG gauge make it well suited as a primary SPG; the clear display is easy to read in all diving conditions. 0-360 Bar.
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Hollis 360 Bar Brass SPG
Solid and compact brass 360 bar SPG. This rugged and easy to read gauge works great as a primary or even backup pressure gauge for the beginner to the most advanced technical diver.
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Decanting Hose
300bar DIN Decanting Hose without gauge.
Agir-Brokk Stage Cylinder SPG
Pressure gauge for deco-rig. Self illuminated picture with a small striking rubber cap, which ends before the swivel. O2 clean gauge with 150mm (6") hose.
Suunto SM-36 SPG
300 bar operation with 360 bar display comes with Miflex Carbon HD high pressure hose
Decanting Hose with Gauge
300bar DIN Decanting Hose with gauge.
Apeks Cylinder Pressure Tester
A 450 bar HP contents gauge that can be fitted to a cylinder to check the pressure. With push button vent. DIN fitting.
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