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Diving and Subaquatic Medicine

Diving and Subaquatic Medicine
This completely revised fourth edition covers the newly described diseases of diving medicine, the modern types of diving and diving equipment, free and indigenous diving, as well as updating the previous edition's coverage of established diving disorders.
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Now in it's fourth edition, Diving and Subaquatic Medicine remains the leading text on diving medicine. This completely revised edition covers the newly described diseases of diving medicine, the modern types of diving and diving equipment, free and indigenous diving, as well as updating the previous edition's coverage of established diving disorders. Each medical disorder is discussed from an historical, aetiological, clinical, pathological, preventative and therapeutic perspective in the accessible but informative style that has made the previous editions so popular.

The principal disciplines addressed - diving medicine, occupational medicine and aquatic medicine - mean that the volume is vital reading for physicians, paramedics, navies, diving organisations and medical students at all levels. Those who know the book will waste no time in acquiring this update; those new to the text will soon find it a must for the personal bookshelf.

1) Clinically-based text, designed to assist in diagnosis, investigations, first-aid treatment, with the major problems highlighted and indexed
2) Introductory chapters on physics, physiology and equipment for those new to the field
3) Unique and plentiful illustrations, case reports and discussions
4) Highlighted key points for rapid reference
5) Ideal for instruction of divers and diving physicians
6) Text prepared by some of the world's most experienced diving physicians


Part 1: Diving / History of diving / Physics and physiology / Free diving / Diving equipment / Undersea environments.

Part 2: Dysbaric Diseases: Barotraumas / Pulmonary barotrauma / Ear barotrauma / Sinus barotrauma / Other barotraumas / Decompression Sickness / History and physiology / Pathophysiology / Decompression sickness: clinical / Decompression sickness: treatment / Dysbaric osteonecrosis.

Part 3: Abnormal Gas Pressures / Inert gas narcosis / Hypoxia / Oxygen toxicity / Carbon dioxide toxicity / Breathing gas contaminents / High pressure neurological syndrome.

Part 4: Aquatic Disorders / The Drowning Syndromes / Drowning / Near-drowning / Management of near drowning / Salt-water aspiration syndrome / Why divers drown / Seasickness / Thermal Problems and solutions / Hypothermia / Infections: local / Infections: general / Trauma from marine creatures / Venomous marine animals / Fish poisoning / Underwater explosions.

Part 5: Specific Diving Diseases / The Ear and Diving / Anatomy and physiology / Investigations / Hearing loss / Vertigo and disorientation underwater / Cardiac problems and sudden death / Neurological disorders of diving / Psychological and neuropsychological disorders. Miscellaneous disorders: Carotid sinus syndrome; Caustic cocktail; Dental disorders; Musculoskeletal diseases; Ocular disorders; Pulmonary oedema; Skin reactions; Trauma / Drugs and diving / Long-term effects of diving.

Part 6: The Diving Accident / Stress responses, panic and fatigue / Why divers die: facts and figures / Unconsciousness / First aid and emergency treatment / Oxygen therapy / Investigation of diving accidents: equipment / Investigation of diving fatalities.

Part 7: Medical Standards for Diving / Medical standards for snorkel (breath-hold) divers / Medical standards for recreational divers / Medical standards for commercial divers / Asthma / Cardiac disease / Diabetes / Age / Diver selection.

Part 8: Specialised Diving and its Problems / Female divers / Breath-hold divers / Technical diving / Technical diving problems / Handicapped divers / Occupation groups / Diving in contaminated waters / Deep and saturation diving / Deep and saturation diving problems / Hyperbaric facilities / Submarine medicine.

719 pages, Fourth Edition 4TH
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