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D-Day Wrecks of Normandy

The greatest amphibious invasion fleet ever assembled, consisting of over 3.000 vessels, set sail from England on June 6th, 1944, for Normandy, France. The losses that occurred have largely been forgotten but have left Normandy with a legacy of wrecks and a wreck-diver's paradise which, after 50 years beneath the waves, is only now being discovered.


The Loss Of The SS Treveal
Dorset Shipwreck Mystery. The Treveal, was returning from Calcutta to Dundee on her maiden voyage, when. on the night of 9 January 1920 she ran aground off the Dorset coast. This is the true story of this event.

The Man Who Bought a Navy
The Man Who Bought a Navy, by Gerald Bowman, tells the amazing story of how in 1919, and under the watchful eyes of their British captors, the Germans managed to scuttle their entire surrendered High Seas Fleet in Scapa Flow, Orkney. Hardback, 249 pages.

Classic Darksite Diving
Classic Darksite Diving is a guide to some of the best cave and cavern dives in Britain and Europe. It is the companion volume to Martyn Farr’s globally acclaimed manual of cave diving, Diving in Darkness.

Deco For Divers
Mark Powell has written a book that for the first time allows the average diver to fully understand the principles behind this fascinating and critical aspect of diving. As well as a thorough examination of air decompression the book also addresses decompression using nitrox and mixed gases.

Deep Trouble - Sue Rawle
Fancy a bit of dive fiction? This is a must summer read, for both divers and non divers. Well researched procedural passages, careful plotting and a great deal of humor depicting real charters with all their ambitions, fears, foibles and embarrassments. A real Who Done It.

Discover UK Diving by Will Appleyard
This book has been created to encourage newly qualified divers and those curious about UK diving to take the next steps towards enjoying the magnificent sites found lurking beneath our shores.

Dive Truk Lagoon by Rod Macdonald

Truk Lagoon is quite simply the greatest wreck diving location in the world. Scores of virtually intact large WWII wrecks filled with cargoes of tanks, trucks, artillery, beach mines, shells and aircraft rest in the crystal clear waters of the Lagoon – each a man-made reef teaming with life.

The main body of the book consists of 38 mini-chapters on the wrecks that can be dived today. Included are the detailed backgrounds of each vessel, from its construction through its role during the war and how and where it was sunk, with a guide for divers on location of key points of interest. The book finishes with a fascinating round-up of Truk’s aircraft wrecks, many now easy dives in shallow water.


Doing It Right: The Fundamentals of Better Diving

By Jarrod Jablonski - This book outlines not only the essential skills and techniques constituting sound diving practice but also the central elements of a holistic approach to diving. The Fundamentals of Better Diving was written for anyone who wants to get the most out of their diving. Highly Recommended !!!


DVD • British Sea Life
The British Sea Life DVD has been produced by Anita Sherwood and is a brilliant overview of the marine life in British waters.

DVD • Pantelleria 2005
Witness the GUE exploration efforts and details of the documentation of this historic dive site on the Pantelleria 2005 DVD, produced by GUE. English & Italian languages support this beautifully directed DVD.

DVD • The Mysterious Malady
The Mysterious Malady: Toward an Understanding of Decompression Injuries DVD is the first in a series of DVD's presented by GUE designed to expand one's knowledge of decompression and its associated maladies.
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Great British Marine Animals - 3rd Edition
Paul Naylor's latest and 3rd Edition of Great British Marine Animals, an excellent softback book, to help identify the marine life of the British coastline. With an additional 240 new photographs added to there are now over 600 colour photographs and 320 pages. This book should prove to be as informative as Paul's previous editions, containing stunning photography and a superb reference tool.

Great British Shipwrecks

For more than 30 years, internationally acclaimed wreck diver and best-selling author, Rod Macdonald, has surveyed and researched shipwrecks around the world. His books such as Dive Scapa Flow and The Darkness Below are household names in the diving world.


Inshore along the Dorset Coast
A mine of information on the beautiful and interesting coast between Portland and Christchurch. Divers and small boat users will find the detailed descriptions of shoreline and underwater features invaluable.

Marine Fish & Invertebrates of Northern Europe
Based on sound science and wreathed with real life pictures, this book will improve our understanding, enjoyment and our ability to interface with all manner of marine creatures from the simple sponges, through sea squirts and fishes.

Scapa Flow Dive Guide - Lawson Wood

The best selling and most up to date guide to Scapa Flow from this series has now been updated. Lawson has increased this superb 2nd edition with even more wreck details, photographs and a completely new section on aeroplane wrecks. If your ambition is to dive Scapa Flow, this book is a must have.


Scuba Diving Malta, Gozo, Comino
Now in its third edition, Peter Lemon's guide to diving Malta, Comino and Gozo is a book of real excellence which, if you have not already dived in Malta, will certainly go a long way to tempting you there.

Sea Fishes & Inverterbrates of the North Sea and English Channel
Sea Fishes & Invertebrates of the North Sea & English Channel a beautifully illustrated, compact guide to marine life covering the North Sea and channel.

Although the title emphasises the North Sea and Channel the book is also relevant to Belgium, The Netherlands and Scandinavian coasts.

Stars Beneath The Sea
The incredible story of the pioneers of the deep sea by Trevor Norton. This history of diving traces its evolution from fishing with spears to modern high-tech equipment. It includes accounts of some of the eccentric exploits of the diving pioneer.

TDI Student Manual

TDI course manuals from Intro to Tech to Extended Range Diving & Trimix.

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The First Treasure Divers
The True Story of how two brothers invented the diving helmet and sought sunken treasure and fame. An authentic, real life story, that reads like and adventure thriller.

The Underwater Photographer
This is the Fourth Edition of The Underwater Photographer by Martin Edge. It has been revised to bring it right up to date and has some substantial additions to extend the readers appreciation of underwater photography both as an art and a technical challenge.

Dorset Dives

A Guide to 50 Top Dorset Dive Sites by Will Appleyard, the author of Discover UK Diving. Maps and a key to each 50 dive site. Sketches of most of the wrecks featured by John Liddiard. 248 pages.


The Essential Guide to Beachcombing and the Strandline

This book is the essential guide to beachcombing and the strandline in the UK. Whether you are a seasoned beachcomber, a casual visitor or an enthusiastic naturalist, this book packed with great images and detailed explanation on what you’ll find will satisfy your curiosity about the treasures out there,  be it a pretty seashell, a spent eggcase, a seaweed frond or an exotic ocean voyager.

Make sure you pack this book every time you visit the beach as there is always something new to discover. Immerse yourself in the beachcombing experience; the wind in your face, the smell of salt spray, the roar of the ocean; it's an assault on the senses, the perfect tonic.

You’ll find:

  • Clear photographs showing objects and species as found on the standalone and in their natural habitat
  • Descriptions of common and rare beach finds, both natural and man-made
  • A comprehensive account of the living flora and fauna of the beach strandline
  • Information on threats and conservation measures for the marine and coastal environment
  • Suggestions to activities relating to beachcombing

World War One Channel Wrecks Book
Signed by the author Neil Maw this reference book lists in excess of 750 vessels that were sunk in the English Channel during the Great War of 1914–1918. It is divided up into 14 geographical areas that start from Cornwall to Dungeness and spans completely across the Channel to the French coast. Hardback. 327 pages.

Log-it Log Book
Divers logbook with tough flexible cover and resilient pages, set out in a clear and logical format. Use this logbook and you will never revert to its lesser rivals.

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