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Zenobia. The Ultimate Documentary. An hour long award winning film by Edward Snijders. An extremely comprehensive and professionally produced overview of the famous shipwreck in Lanarca, Cyprus with atmospheric underwater images and a well-informed commentary. If you're going to Cyprus to dive this wreck, this is one not to be missed.
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A film by Edward Snijders, the Zenobia documentary, produced with star journalist/daughter Veerle, scored 1st in the professional category at the British Underwater Image Festival in London. The jury, presided by Emmy award winning cameraman Peter Scoones said:

The Mares Professional category saw an esoteric selection of films, including a series of shorts by a previous BUIF favourite, Leandro Blanco of Spain. However first place this year went to Edward Snjiders documentary, ‘Zenobia’, which offers an extremely comprehensive and professionally produced overview of the famous shipwreck in Lanarca, Cyprus. With atmospheric underwater images, well-informed commentary and great interviews with local witnesses to the sinking, it is every inch a divers’ film.

On 7 June 1980, the Zenobia ferry sank of the port of Larnaca, Cyprus, on its way to Syria. It now rests on the seabed, a destination offering a range of opportunities for divers of all abilities.

This DVD gives the story of the vessel and provides unique underwater images of the hull and its interior, including a Lada and more than 100 trucks and trailers in the hold.

Running time over half an hour.

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